Many landlords are not available to deal with the day to day running of their property, many prefer to stay in the background  or may be living abroad. In which case our management service is ideal. The initial letting of the property would include the services as per our ‘letting only’ service.

The additional service includes:

  1. Once the property is let, regular property inspections are carried out to ensure the property is being looked after.
  2. Rents are collected from the tenant(s) monthly and passed onto the landlord with a statement of income, rents are paid into a landlord’s bank account.
  3. Our established contractors are available to carry out repairs if required, or you may choose to elect your own contractors or allow us to spend a certain amount should repairs occur, this amount will be decided before signing the landlord’s contract. We do not however obtain several quotes for one repair as this would be too time consuming and costly for the landlord and this generally can cause upset for the tenant(s) whilst waiting for the repair to be carried out.
  4. Payment of contractors’ invoices or similar bills can be made from your account if required and agreed first.
  5. Advice on tax matters arising from renting your property.
  6. Insurance advice.
  7. Preparation of an inventory of the contents and condition of the property. the inventory will provide a fair record of the contents and internal condition of the property. The employees of the agency who will prepare the inventory will not be  experts in fabrics, wood, materials, antiques, etc, etc, nor a qualified surveyor. The agency will not be responsible for any effort of misdiscription made on the inventory. The agency will inform the relevant local authorities (for council tax registration) when new tenant(s) move into a property, and we also advise the tenants to inform all utility services with their meter readings as soon as they have moved into the property.
  8. Should the rent fall into arrears, a rigid arrears policy exists which includes visits to the property where deemed necessary by the agency.
  9. Issuing the appropriate legal notices to tenant(s) by hand if necessary when vacant possession is required by the landlord for whatever reason.
  10. Checking the inventory and carry out the final inspection of the property when the tenant(s) vacate, this would include dealing with any disputes or issues that may arise from the final inspections
  11. The agency will inform the landlord when a tenant(s) gives notice, if required the agent will endeavour to find new tenant(s) for the property.